Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Short URL: vator.co/karavan
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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Around 1% of refugees will ever be resettled and granted permission to earn money. The vast majority will be forced into impoverishment, despite being both willing and able to work. Our mobile app connects the 65 million displaced worldwide with citizens in a skills/service market that utilizes a non-monetary points system. Our users form new communities of solidarity, which are highly personalized, yet leverage the power of global networks. They exist in spatial orbits that are at the same time smaller and larger than the nation. They are made possible through individual, invested engagement. We don't just teach a man to fish, we question the very foundation of the industry, asking “why some were born rod in hand, while others were not”, and are building an economy that not only resolves the issue, but equalizes the playing field, ensuring that the same inequality will never plague future generations.