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Your Home for Health
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Company description

HealthTap is an Interactive Health company passionately dedicated to improving your health and well-being, and to improving the overall process of care for you and your doctor, while reducing costs.

We’ve built a free Home for Health and an Expert Health Companion that personalizes health information so that you can better understand your health, make better evidence-based decisions and get more engaged in your health and well being. We also built a better way for you and your physician to connect, and a way to help physicians improve the overall quality of care, both online and offline, while reducing costs. HealthTap is free, easy to access, and available for you anytime and anywhere.

HealthTap’s rapidly growing Medical Expert Network includes leading physicians from top institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton, and from leading private practices across the country. Experts in our network help us improve the quality of health information online by sharing their deep, experience-based medical wisdom and insights.

The HealthTap team includes highly experienced and accomplished members who have built health and mobile applications that have served hundreds of millions of people. We’re based in Palo Alto, and backed by some of Silicon Valley’s most accomplished and well-respected investors.


Competitive advantage

Online health information is currently overwhelming and confusing for all of us. It’s hard to know what to trust and information is never about you.

Today, content on many health sites is organized around topics like “symptoms,” “conditions,” and “treatments,” rather than the most important subject – you. HealthTap is the first service to take your personal health profile and individual circumstances into account when delivering health information to you.

Furthermore, unlike other online resources that focus on health articles, consumer opinions, and/or community forums, HealthTap is focused on providing trustworthy, validated, expert medical knowledge. The personalized information you’ll receive comes from more than 550 leading physicians in our fast growing Medical Expert Network, and from our proprietary doctor-created Knowledge-Base of deep medical research. This helps make the information on HealthTap contextual, relevant, and trustworthy.

Additionally, the information you find on other consumer health websites is often lengthy, dependent on “medical speak” and composed of text alone. HealthTap uses data visualization tools and user-friendly graphics to communicate complex medical information in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand.  You’ll also receive succinct expert answers and tips that make information fast and simple to understand at anytime and from anywhere.

Visit to experience our Home for Health for yourself.

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