Location: Frankfurt, Germany Germany
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Have it Back

Frankfurt, Germany Germany
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B2C is the first meta-search engine for lost and found. We are tracking over 5 million lost items across 196 countries, making us the most effective way for finding lost pets, valuables, documents, etc. Your lost item hasn't been found yet? No problem! We'll send you a notification once a match comes in. B2B Our cloud software helps companies run an efficient Lost and Found so that they can get better at returning items lost. Customers of airports, taxis, airlines, hotels, clubs, etc. lose or forget their valuables all the time – phones, electronics, documents, clothing, and more. Matching items and returning them to the owners requires significant staff resources. Have it Back's business solution ( automates lost and found with a smart engine that matches lost items with owners, arranges return shipping, payment, and more, reducing your costs and increasing your customer satisfaction. The unique image recognition functionality makes registering found items a breeze for customer service.