Location: Little Saigon/Orange County/U.S.A., Fountain Valley, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Closed
Number of employees: 1-5
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Great future! Great team...a winner amid transformational times toward climate-friendly development.


Green Orange Renaissance

Proliferating Profitable (&design-cool) PLANETMARKINGS
Fountain Valley, California, United States United States
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Company description


Proliferating Profitable (& cool) Planetmarkings


an Overview


California’s recently enacted climate change laws AB 32 and SB 375 have targeted ambitious GHG reductions by Year 2020 and carbon neutrality by Year 2050.   Rising to the challenge, Green Orange Renaissance (“GOR”) designs and implements socially responsible investments of mixed-use infill development that create and spread healthful vibrant “eco-hamlets” featuring triple-bottom line value.  Key innovations include: (1) exploiting social media and Google Maps for crowd-sourced community-based envisioning and planning, public communications and education, and marketing;  (2) high-quality design and LEED-certified multi-family housing manufactured in-plant to reduce long months of conventional on-site construction and disruption to mere days of pre-programmed site installation; and (3) an IT-enabled global web of value creation activities aimed at 75% minimum “Made Locally in USA” product content achieving zero waste and zero inventory.  GOR’s competitive advantage lies in integrated product and process innovations to shorten the real estate development cycle, requiring only 4 to 6 months instead of the conventional 3 years or more.  GOR’s market potential extends to other cities in California and other states, as well as emergent international markets where there are double benefits of market access and arbitrage in the global value chain.   


To various customer/user segments (renter, owner/buyer, investor), GOR offers smart investment choices amid growing market demand for work-live, multi-generational, aging-in-place, and long-term care housing types.  GOR’s site analytics, synched with Google Maps-based locator websites to generate candidate infill regions or multiple opportunity sites, can efficiently assess real estate development potential and project feasibility.  In its emergent phase, GOR would target sites in the diversely and densely populated cities of car-dependent central Orange County, California, where plentiful opportunities exist to improve the land use and value of vacant and underutilized properties.  Site design via public-private collaboration would incorporate suitable iconic urban design features such as recreational public commons (“mini-parks”) that doubly function as nodes in a network of inter-connected transportation options (e.g., transit adjacency, walking, biking, on-demand full-service taxis, IT-enabled shared car fleet).


GOR’s 'open source' approach to planning is intended to engage a wide swath of stakeholders, to virally engage public awareness and public input, and expand community support of promising infill projects.  In recognition that public scholarship is essential to knowledge diffusion, GOR engages select academic institutional partners in creative research to guide and promote best practices and benchmarks for sustainable development.  GOR’s tagline --“Proliferating Profitable (& cool) Planetmarkings” -- conveys the urgency of climate-healing action and the immediacy of GOR’s redesigned business structures and processes to adapt and retool America’s manufacturing capacity for the new green economy.



Anh-Tuan Le, PE
Co-Visionary & Co-Founder


A California B Corporation (pending)

  • Anh-Tuan Le
    Anh-Tuan Le | Team member
    A UC Irvine student (Merage HCEMBA '12), I aim to build upon its Nobel-laureate climate science reputation (Rowland & Molina, 1995) innovative habitat solutions resulting in healthful communities.
  • Kristen Schiele
    Kristen Schiele | Team member
  • Milton Hagler
    Milton Hagler | Team member
    Living in VN since 1998.
  • Michael Miyamoto
    Michael Miyamoto | Team member