Location: Tampa, Florida, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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COI Energy Services LLC

Tampa, Florida, United States United States
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Company description
COI Energy Services is an Energy Optimization company that leverages technology to provide optimization solutions to utilities, its business customers and Smart Cities. The COI Optimizer is our patent pending technology that provides two-way communication between utilities and their customers. Utilities are looking for better ways to engage their customers in order to improve customer satisfaction, increase earnings potential, optimize performance of the electric grid, and reduce overall carbon footprint. Customer engagement is currently less than 20% of traditional customers, but 44% for digitally engaged customers. COI Energy Services provides customer engagement solutions to utilities that focuses on energy optimization and monetization opportunities that put cash in the pockets of its customers at the same time of increasing utility earnings while optimizing the electric grid. We achieve this by personalizing the engagement for each utility customer. They no longer have to figure out what solutions work for them. They only receive notifications unique to their business and interest. The COI Optimizer is fast, simple and a cost effective solution for all parties involved. It Educates, Empowers, and positively Impacts its users.