Location: 3563 Pierce street, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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International pitch competition on stage in LA with over 200 companies applying from around the globe. CLEVR won the pitch competition, a $50k investment from HanHai studios, and a trip to China to meet distribution partners and investors (coming up in May)


CLEVR: Social Discovery Engine
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

CLEVR:  Social Discovery Engine

CLEVR unites all devices in an incredibly fragmented AR/VR market into a single social framework, addding a layer of discovery of content through viral channels. 

CLEVR has solved two problems….

1)  Solved Fragmentation and Social.  CLEVER brought a fragmented VR market and fragmented social landscape into one unified HUD and SDK.  As we have all heard time and time again, "mobile is fragmented."  Virtual Reality only magnifies the problem. CLEVR has the solution. First, we've reversed engineered our way into every VR platform and brought together the connectivity, all devices can now talk to each other.  Secondly, CLEVR has taken all of the various social networks you use (Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, etc) and brought those APIs into one feed, one single HUD.  All of your social connections are now in one single view.


2)  Made VR content discoverable.  CLEVR displays what games and apps your friends are currently enjoying and playing AND on which platform.  We're creating an in-game HUD (SDK) for developers to use where players can pop up the CLEVR social network, within the content itself (games, movies, etc) thus allowing players to shout out to their friends on their social graph and invite them to the game.  Now VR content is discoverable through your social graph.


To the point, CLEVR is a social platform that unites all VR devices and allows users to discover new content (games, movies, any VR content).  A lot of buzzwords, yes. But every generation of platforms the same discoverability issues emerge. CLEVR is taking advantage of the black hole in the market and has taken first mover advantage. 



CLEVR has prenegotiated installs of its stand alone app, the social network for VR devices, released 2 months from now.  The SDK for developers to integrate into all VR/AR content comes 2 months after. 


Japheth Dillman, CEO (YetiZen founder, designer on the first AR game released, 25+ years in gaming)

John Szeder, CTO (former RIM where he wrote the kernel to the Blackberry, MoFactor, mPath Interactive, Digital Chocolate, and more)

Dan Offner, General Consel (sold Oculus to Facebook for $2 Billion)

Founders of Unity & XFire are advisors

Attional Team:  1 Unity Developer, 1 Backend Developer, 1 GUI/Front End Developer



Business model

Competitive advantage

We have several:

1)  Agreements from mobile distribution networks NatveX and Tapitca to distribute our own apps


2)  Integration with dozens of developers already, most of which canvass the top of the stores


3)  A Level2 license in China, which gives us an emormous unfair competitive advantage as an approved social network in china


4)  Advisors are founders of Unity & Xfire