Location: 16 Yonge Street, Unit 3212, Toronto, Canada, M5E2A1, Canada
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Profitable year: already profitable
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Ask The Doctor - Real Questions. Real Answers.
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Company description

An amazing free online service that lets you ask real questions to real doctors without having to pay a single dollar.  The responses are prompt and accurate to boot.

The service was started by Canada-based Dr. Suneel Sharman along with entrepreneur Prakash Chand, after they saw the need for an interactive online service for people who need a quick answer or guide to health related questions.

The main page of the site lists the most frequently asked questions as well as those that the doctors have recently answered. A search bar lets you quickly locate any particular question that you are looking for. The questions are also divided by topics and drugs, listed alphabetically in separate tabs. You can also browse three of the most popular categories easily: diet & fitness, parenting & pregnancy, and sex & beauty. There are further sub-categories in these that will help you narrow down a topic more easily. The last tab is where you can submit your own question. There’s just a simple form to fill out! Providing your email address will let you be notified when the doctor responds.
All in all, it’s a pretty awesome service!

  • Prakash Chand
    Prakash Chand | Team member
    Trained and played badminton for many years and made some amazing friendships along the way. Retired from playing tournaments in 2005 after some injuries and started the next chapter of my life as an entrepreneur. First company i started in 2007 w...
  • Suneel Sharma
    Suneel Sharma | Team member
Business model's business model is all about keeping everything very simple. Users come to the website, ask a doctor a question, get a response for free and the site is monetized with advertisers to pay for the physicians time.

Our goal is to build the worlds largest medical question and answer directory with the highest produced quality answers from our team of doctors.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is that we are:

1. a free service with a 7-10 day wait time. Nobody could imagine a real doctor answering your health question for free! If you require an immediate response within 15 minutes, you can pay to have your question answered.

2. people remember our name "ask the doctor" very easily

3. since most of our physicians are here in North America, our quality of answers is far superior than any other published content.

4. 44 million people in the USA have no health insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance and this just might be the best advice they can get.

5. The knowledge on how to have physicians work with us. We currently have 8 physicians anwering questions daily.

6. All of our content is at the highest quality level as real doctors are building the content, not so called healthcare experts like on many of the other medical websites.

7. Our medical question asking form is always changing but designed to get the most usefull information necessary from the patient in the simplest manner possible.