Location: Pilsen, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Pilsen, Czech Republic Czech Republic
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According to APPA Survey over $66 billion was spent on American pets in 2016, of which $15 billion was spent on health & vet care. Dog owners want their babies to live longer and cost less in a health care. Our solution tracks a wide range of abnormal behavior to give real-time data tracking on a dog´s health to owners and vets. The system works with 2 smart bowls to measure water and food intake and a Fitbit-like tracker to track movement and different activity types; all connected to a mobile app. We built this system based on our family’s experience as vets and dog breeders. We then spent 3 months of market research in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and NY. We spoke to over 700 potential users, of which 82 % said they would buy our system. We have 2 business models - B2C (mentioned above) and B2B model for dog walking agencies based on monthly fees. It works with the tracker and API and helps dog walking agencies to prove the quality of their service. It is a competitive advantage for them. Unlike our competitors, we track all the activity the dog was involved in during the walk.