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Who We Are is a Music 2.0 company that is responding to the changing music business paradigm.

For Artists
We provide innovative marketing solutions that musicians need to compete, cooperate, and differentiate in an increasingly noisy online environment. Unlike typical "closed" communities, artists use ReverbNation as their home base for approaching marketing and promotion across the Internet as a whole — be it via social networks, blogs, or the artist's homepage. Tools like TunePaks, FanReach, and Widgets give the artist the power to spread their music and information virtually anywhere. Real-time stats then provide a 360-degree view of how the music is spreading, who is listening, and which fans are actually passing it on to their friends and posting it on their pages. For more information on what ReverbNation can do for artists, click here.

For Fans
It starts with the listening experience. Queue up some music, kick back, then browse the site without ever losing the song you are hearing. Here you'll find more tracks (at higher quality) from your favorite artists because they can post unlimited songs at up to 160kbps. Hear something you like? Store tracks to your profile page by "bookmarking" them for later. Use our powerful search function to find the most recent artists (read: fresh tracks) or artists from your local area. You can even search songs by lyrics or by genre. We always keep you in the loop with local show information that is just one click away. Finally, if you are a true Fan, support the artists you love by grabbing their widgets and placing them all over the web, or even join their street team. It's easy, it's fun, and the artists really notice who is helping them. For more information on what ReverbNation can do for fans, click here.

For Venues/Clubs
You need to pack your house. You have no time. We can help. Maintaining a free profile on ReverbNation ensures that when our fans search for local shows, you show up. But it goes beyond that. Use FanReach, our FREE email system, to gather new fans from your homepage or MySpace page, and to keep in touch with your existing list. There is no need to pay $50-$100 per month to send out email. Let us do it for you for free. Did we mention that your show schedule can be automatically placed into your emails, including links to buy tickets? Your show schedule can also be exported to all of your other web pages using our free schedule widget. Paste the widget one time on your other sites and it will be updated automatically when make any changes to your schedule at ReverbNation. For more information on what ReverbNation can do for venues, click here.

For Labels and Managers
Your goal is to promote your entire roster of artists across the digital realm. ReverbNation has the FREE tools to get the music out there and get the fans spreading it for you on MySpace, Facebook, via email, and IM. We track everything that is happening with your Artist's content and report it back to you so that you understand what is working and what isn't. We even offer you the ability to manage all of your artist pages with one universal login, saving you time over other sites. For more info on how we can help you help your Artist's and drive sales, show attendance, and new releases, click here if you are a label, and click here if you are a manager.


Nothing is more important to Artists than the relationship with their Fans. All of an artist's financial success comes down to the strength and breadth of the relationships they have with their fans. It is from those relationships that artists can earn a living selling music, tickets and merchandise. It is our mission to provide the tools artists need to create, nurture, and strengthen fan relationships. We call the total value of these relationships an artist's Band Equity™, and it is our mission to help artists maximize this.

Active Fans are the best promoters of music on the web. Fan attention has become fragmented across the web in a way that mass marketing no longer makes financial sense (see the demise of radio, music TV). Today is the age of social networks. Artists cannot be everywhere they need to be at once, so they need to focus on activating their most rabid fans to promote them in every corner of the web.

A Music Community is more valuable if includes all of the members of the community. We believe that fans, labels, venues, and other folks all deserve a voice in the community if it is going to be representative of the entire music ecosystem. At ReverbNation, we invite all members of the community to take part.
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