Location: 270 East Lane, Suite 2, Burlingame, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2005
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Burlingame, California, United States United States
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Company description

Mig33 is a mobile download application that brings a potent mix of social networking, IM and VoIP features to your mobile phone. Any mobile that can run Java and connect to the Internet by GPRS, 1X or 3G, can use Mig33. Once installed users can do all the basic social networking things like create profiles, send photos, friending and messaging. They even have chat rooms, which is separate from their IM feature.

Their VoIP calling featuring is interesting. When users are logged in they can make VoIP calls to buddies on their list. Mig33 takes call requests and connects them with the specific buddy. Mig33 also has a SMS callback system where users can send an SMS to Mig33 with the number they want to call and Mig33 connects the call between the two parties.

Mig33 has call rates for all VoIP calls, unless you use their "VoIP Toolbar to VoIP Toolbar" which makes calls free. It should be noted that your mobile carrier still might charge you for all SMS, data transfers and talk time, so use at your own caution.

Business model
Mig33 is a global mobile community that lets you keep in touch with friends and family through a variety of online services, right on your mobile phone.


With mig33, you can chat and send instant messages and emails, make inexpensive international phone calls, share photos, connect with old friends and even meet new ones. Think of it as an addition to your phone's existing service.

mig33 was released in December of 2005 as the first global mobile Internet community and has quickly spread around the world. With millions of customers in more than 200 countries, the service has taken the world by storm, spreading on the strength of user recommendations, bringing the power of Internet to anyone with a mobile phone.

The concept for mig33 originated in a library coffee shop, between founders Steven Goh and Mei Lin Ng. The two sat down with a blank piece of paper and a goal to figure out a way for teens to send text messages as much as they wanted, without breaking the bank. Ideas brewed on that paper which led to a business proposal and eventually to mig33.

The company was founded on the belief that the rise of VoIP and wireless technologies are redefining the way people connect and find community. mig33 takes advantage of the shift in the telecommunications industry from managing and tariffing the network, to delivering customer services and value. In this second age of the Internet, there are new opportunities to create value propositions that deliver customer and shareholder value.

Today, mig33 has opened the power of the Internet to the global mobile community. It's more than just surfing the Web - mig33 brings all the communications power of the PC right to the palm of the hand.

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