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BullPoo in a Nutshell...

BullPoo is both an interactive community of investors and a personalized investment tool. The platform allows investors of all sorts and from all over the world to come together, collaborate and share investing knowledge and insights through various means; from sharing personal web logs (i.e. blogs) to participating in discussions to opening up their very own virtual portfolio to the community.
How Can BullPoo Help You?

Use the BullPoo platform as a tool or as part of your due diligence process. Do not just take people's words at face value. Find fresh ideas and new insights from other investors, and dig deeper into information by discussing and debating with the community. React and apply the information you find by trading on your virtual portfolio, making forecasts, or updating web logs (i.e. blogs).

The Service
Currently, the BullPoo network offers users a platform to:
* read or start personal investment web logs (i.e. blogs) on companies, businesses, stocks, news and provoke discussions, and share ideas
* create forecasts and project stock prices, benchmark company performances compared to expectations, read and track what others have forecasted
* apply what was learned to virtual portfolios, try out theories others talks about, or test the waters on riskier stocks that are too dangerous to touch in real life
* discuss stocks with the community, gain recognition, network with other investors and host debates
* and more...

In addition, performances on forecasts and portfolio management are tracked through various proprietary statistics. Users can apply these statistics to measure his/her improvement, compare investing performance with others, or find the best performing user and follow what they do.

The BullPoo network brings these popular internet mediums together to create a convenient, cohesive, relevant, and interactive platform in which to grow as an investor - and to have fun while doing it!

The Team - The Company
The team started off a group of friends, who not only knew each other well, but also shared similar interests in the internet, information technology, finance and business. And like many other investors, were intrigued by the way stock markets work and the order that arises from their apparent chaotic nature.

Coming from different walks of life and bringing together skills in information technology, graphics design, finance and business, the team came together to pioneer one of the first interactive communities for investors to allow them to do more than just post on forums and read endless news.

BP Networks, Inc. started with the mission of becoming one of the leading online multimedia financial communities to provide the ultimate service for investors from all around the world to gather together, learn, and network – both globally and locally.

Since mid-2007, the BullPoo network has expanded beyond the financial markets of the United States to include the community of Canadian investors and exchanges. The team continues to strive forward to include other markets from the major financial centers around the world, to create a truly international platform for investors to communicate, whether they are from the United States, Canada or Japan, China or the United Kingdom.

Reviewed as a “New way to rate stock tips” by the Wall Street Journal and by, an “Excellent blogging platform, community and online game for stock market investors”, amongst others, the team and company are committed to work closely with the network of investors to deliver and improve on tools, features and services.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to grow your community, so please do not ever hesitate to contact us with your compliments or criticisms.

There are many ways that this site can help you, and we welcome you to explore it further!