CMS Artificial Intelligence Health Outcomes Challenge

Categories: Health and Wellness, Healthcare marketplace, Artificial intelligence (AI)

Locations: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Deadline:June 18, 2019

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Dcode Health Tech 2019

Categories: Net Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Data Management , Database, Analytics, Health and Wellness, Digital Health, Medical, Health, Healthcare, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Management, Hospital Operations, Patient

Locations: Washington, District Of Columbia, United States | United States | Washington D.C.

Deadline:June 28, 2019

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Upward Labs Fall 2019

Categories: Smart Cities, Aging, Aging In Place, Green Building, Green Energy, Green Technology, Health, Healthcare, Security, Senior Living, Seniors, Sensors, Smart Home

Locations: Hartford, Connecticut, United States | Global

Deadline:June 30, 2019

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Hello Tomorrow Challenge

Categories: Health and Wellness, Healthcare , Life sciences, Information technology

Locations: Global | North America | South America | Africa | Aisa | Australia | Europe

Deadline:July 25, 2019

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Early Childhood Accelerator

Categories: Accelerator, Early Childhood Education, Health, Health Education, Healthcare, Housing, Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Social Entrepreneurship

Locations: Denver, Colorado, United States | United States

Deadline:July 30, 2019

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VentureOut HealthTech 2019

Categories: Education, Health/Medical, Insurance, Healthcare, Health Economics, Health and Wellness, Digital Health, Healthcare marketplace

Locations: New York City, New York, United States

Deadline:August 07, 2019

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Tech Diversity accelerator

Categories: Diversity, Accelerator, Digital marketing, Education, Financial services, Online Gaming, Healthcare marketplace, Health and Wellness, IT Services, Media, Software

Locations: Tampa, Florida, United States

Deadline:August 15, 2019

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Arizona State University MedTech Accelerator

Categories: Medical, Health and Wellness, healthcare, MedTech

Locations: Arizona, United States | Tempe, Arizona, United States

Deadline:September 01, 2019

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SmartHealth Activator

Categories: Biotech, Healthcare, Health and Wellness, healthtech

Locations: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Deadline:September 28, 2019

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XLerateHealth Accelerator

Categories: Biotech, Hardware, Health and Wellness, healthcare, Medical, Medical Devices

Locations: Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Deadline:October 04, 2019

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