Upward Labs Fall 2019

Deadline - June 30, 2019

A progressive, innovation facility, designed to incubate the most game-changing ideas that move high-demand industries into a new paradigm. In 2019, Upward is giving you the opportunity to apply your technology to the Aged Care or Smart Buildings sector, through a leading pilot program that maximizes your potential to effect real change. Every 6 months, Upward will select up to 10 startups from all over the world who will receive an investment of $300,000 in funds, services and programming towards their idea development. Our 6-month intensive program is designed to prepare you for real-world application by working with leaders and trailblazers in each respective industry. Upward Labs is dedicated to your development and industry-success by supporting you with benefits, incentives and a level of exclusivity for those who meet the criteria.

Location: Hartford Global