Responder Labs - Cohort 2

Deadline - March 20, 2018

At Responder we measure success with common sense: Are the technologies we support actively being deployed in the field? And are they making first responders safer and more effective as a result? We feel our practical approach is what differentiates us. We didn’t learn from lectures in an auditorium or academic research reports. We learned from being boots-on-the-ground first responders ourselves. We learned from rolling up our sleeves and getting to work alongside entrepreneurs, with real skin in the game. Responder has partnered with industry leaders like AWS to deliver practical, real-world solutions to the problems and inefficiencies entrepreneurs are uniquely burdened by in public safety. We focus on the things you really care about as an entrepreneur; making your solution the best it can be, and getting it in to the hands of as many users as possible. We want to REMOVE THE FRICTION when selling software to state and local agencies in the public safety sector, so we built a program to do just that; Responder Labs.