Plug and Play - Travel & Hospitality

Deadline - January 01, 2019

Look into the future of Travel & Hospitality. Our mission is to discover, support, and scale disruptive technologies that are defining the future of travel and hospitality. velling is not just an exploration of the world, it is a journey into yourself. It is a chance to feel ways of life totally different to your own. There is a reason why it accounts for 10% of the global GDP, an $8 trillion industry that changes everybody’s lives, every single day. It once took months to plan a voyage across the ocean, now it can be done in a few taps. We are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the way we move, sleep, eat, buy, and see. At Plug and Play, we are launching our Travel and Hospitality accelerator to catalyze this change. Across the entire value chain, there is innovation and invention to be had. If you feel the same way, if you want to make the experience of witnessing the world in all of its glory better … get in touch. Let’s fly together. We run 3 month programs, twice a year for 20 travel and hospitality startups. These are chosen by our venture team, our VC partners and our corporate partners. Startups are selected from around 1,000 startup applications sourced from across the world every year.