OIST Startup Accelerator

Deadline - January 11, 2020

To support the startup and innovation ecosystem in Okinawa, OIST has launched the Innovation Square Startup Accelerator Program. The I2 Accelerator Program is excited to announce the first project that will benefit from state-of-art facilities at OIST, startup coaching, and access to industry mentors. During the program period, the founding team will work with the OIST Technology Development & Innovation Center and its network of mentors based around the world to bring their product to market with funding from the Okinawa Prefectural Government. As the first startup accelerator program aiming to recruit entrepreneurs from around the world to locate in Okinawa, we believe we can help innovative startups and founders build the next generation solutions to meet local and global markets and realize Okinawa’s potential as a regional center for innovation in science and technology.

Location: Japan