MTB Startup School

Deadline - February 22, 2019

The only *real* Startup School in Silicon Valley with a full, structured curriculum, dedicated to international founders eager to deep dive into the Silicon Valley ecosystem. This program is *not* an incubator with a few semi-random talks but a real, hands-on immersive experience, with ~20 faculty members, a school director and a network of local mentors. The Startup School is a 3-week program tailored to startups and entrepreneur who are seeking exposure to the Silicon Valley and to the European ecosystem. Some of our batches can in fact benefit of spending the last week at our office in London, UK. Thanks to the support of our sponsors all around the world, such as Brilliant Lab in Middle-East, the Pan-European Welcome program and KISED from South Korea, our School has become an international hub that has so far supported startups from 22 countries in 4 continents (EU, Asia, America and Africa), graduating more than 300 startups.