Microsoft Malware Prediction

Deadline - March 06, 2019

Participants will build their predictive models using 9.4GB of data collected from over 16.8 million devices.The dataset has over 82 features or columns of data. The contestants have to build a machine learning model to uniquely identify a machine that is affected by a malware.Each machine is identified by a unique MachineIdentifier which is a column in the provided data set.The column or feature HasDetections is the dependent factor the contestants have to predict for each machine in the test set..

Important Dates and Prizes

The competition was launched in Kaggle on December 13 2018 and has already gained the attention of almost 700 data scientists.

-Entry deadline : March 6, 2019

-Team Merger deadline (participants can join or merge teams) : March 6, 2019

-Final submission deadline : March 13, 2019 .

Microsoft presents the winners with an overall $25000 cash prizes:

1st Place – $12,000

2nd Place – $7,000

3rd Place – $3,000

4th Place – $2,000

5th Place – $1,000


This is not the first time Microsoft has challenged the Data Science community. In 2015, Microsoft hosted a similar malware classification competition which was a great success in terms of helping Microsoft as well as a large community of data scientists. The datasets provided by Microsoft are used in a number of researches and continues to produce value for Microsoft and the data science community.

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