Make in LA - Hardware Accelerator Class6

Deadline - May 15, 2019

You and your team came up with a brilliant idea. Innovative. You took your napkin drawing and turned it into an invention. You know this product will have fans, perhaps people will even use the term “Love” in association with your invention, and you just need to find the road to get it into people’s hands. The road ahead is full of obstacles that you wish to avoid. You may not have the money or connections. You may not know how to evaluate a manufacturing partner. However, you are passionate that this product needs to exist and you will stop at nothing to see it come to life. We fast track the time to market in a number of ways. For early stage hardware companies who make the cut, you can expect a deposit of up to $75,000 in your bank account on day one. By the end of the four month program, you should be ready to do a more robust fundraising round. We also intend to place follow-on investments in businesses that have graduated and thrived.

Location: Chatsworth

Criteria: Chatsworth