Deadline - July 15, 2018

The first international business accelerator program focused on launching food-related ventures with a multi-stage evergreen fund.

  • Selected teams relocate to our co-working space in the food capital of the world, New York City. There the companies will find their product/market fit, prepare to get fully funded, and work with us to scale their business BIG.
  • Each week you will meet with 3-5 expert mentors to test, validate, and accelerate your business – often achieving in 3 months what other founders take years to accomplish.
  • The final 2 weeks of the program you’ll work with us to refine your pitch in preparation for Demo Day, where you will pitch your business to our co-investor network, and the world via a live event and live online broadcast. This is your chance to take the spotlight and pitch your business to potential investors!

Location: New York

Criteria: Early-stage food entrepreneurs

Program Site: