Elemental Excelerator

Deadline - December 31, 2018

Each year, we find 15-20 companies that best fit our mission and fund each company up to $1 million to improve systems that impact people’s lives: energy, water, agriculture, and transportation."

Investment amount: We provide a fixed grant of $75,000

To participate in the program, we require:

  • A 1-6% warrant donation to align our nonprofit with your success
  • A one-time program fee of $3,000 to partially offset meals, transportation, and other activities

Program benefits:

  • Facilitated connections to our Global Partners
  • Introductions to customers, investors, corporates, and other strategic partners
  • Access to free and reduced-price services from our Technology Partners
  • Mentorship and targeted expertise
  • Hot desk in Honolulu and Bay Area, relocation is not required