Carbon Incubator

Deadline - January 19, 2019

Carbon is a games incubator/accelerator with the mission to support independent game developers in crafting and distributing their games. Carbon’s focus is on under-served yet high-potential regions, such as Eastern Europe or Latin America.. Investment amount: Carbon doesn’t commonly take equity or ownership. Your company will remain 100% independent. Therefore, our business model is based strictly on revenue-share: we share the risk with you and we are committed to help you succeed up to the product’s completion, and further. Program benefits: There are three service tiers. On the basic level, you get mentorship, access to our contact network, admin services and working space & equipment. Second tier gives you access to development services, sponsorship for industry events, PR and publishing services.. Third tier includes development funding of up to 50,000 USD, either as a development grant or through rented development resources. In exchange for those services, you agree to give Carbon 10%, 20% or 30%, respectively, of the game’s revenues.