Blueprint Health

Deadline - December 31, 2020

Blueprint Health starts with an intensive twelve-week program, but we will continue to work with you for the life of your company. We ask founders to move to New York City for the duration of the twelve-week program, so that they can get the most out of the program. We focus on setting and helping our portfolio companies meet their individual goals. For most companies, this involves some combination of marketing and sales consulting, customer development, and assistance with fundraising. The companies that are already making sales to customers and/or are beginning to fundraise get the most out of our program. That being said, about half of the companies we accept are in the early development stage and half are already generating revenue (up to $1M in ARR). Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that sales and investment dollars are the lifeblood of any company and we try to help, rather than act as a distraction to these important goals. Our founders spend a lot of time meeting people during the program, in addition to their normal company duties, but we try to make these interactions as relevant as possible and leave plenty of time for our founders to run their businesses and attract new customers. Below we discuss the major components of the twelve week program and how we interact with companies after the twelve weeks.