AT&T SHAPE Hackathon

Deadline - April 14, 2019

Join us on April 12–14 for a 5G-themed hackathon that culminates with a ticket to this year's AT&TSHAPE event!
We're only a month away from one of our biggest hackathons of the year and this time we're in LA focusing on 5G networks and how they can reshape mobile applications and entertainment experiences. You'll be engineering what's possible in a 5G future by coding mobile solutions that take advantage of the high bandwidth and/or low latency of a 5G network; from gaming and AR to IoT check out some of the great prizes we've lined up to inspire you.

Best App Overall:

1st Place - $20,000

2nd Place - $10,000

3rd Place - $5,000

Kicker Prizes:

Best Entertainment App Overall (Non-Gaming) - $5,000

Best Gaming or Esports Solution - $5,000

Best VR/AR/MR Solution - $5,000

Best Use of IOT or Interactive Toys - $5,000

Best Use of IBM Watson or IBM Cloud - $5,000

Best App From a Women Led Team - $2,500

Location: Los Angeles