Deadline - December 31, 2018

Acceleprise is a SaaS focused accelerator operating in San Francisco, New York City, and Melbourne, Australia. The program is backed by industry leading operators from companies like Box, Salesforce and Cisco with extensive experience scaling SaaS companies. Acceleprise is led by Mike Cardamone (Early BD at Box) and Whitney Sales (Seasoned VP of Sales); and has an Advisory Board that includes Nick Mehta (CEO, Gainsight), Susan Kimberlin (Former Technical/Product Exec at Salesforce), Rowan Trollope (Sr. Exec., Cisco), Matt Straz (CEO of Namely), and Adir Shiffman (Executive Chairman, Catapult Sports). During our 4 month program, selected companies receive a curated agenda of mentor sessions and office hours, $50,000 in funding, hands-on weekly sales coaching, subsidized office space and key introductions to potential customers and partners.