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2008 Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition

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Wine 2.0 and Vator.tv have teamed up again to produce this year’s Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition.  Last year’s winner, Crushpad, dominated the competition and recently walked away with $9 million in funding. Who’s next? Maybe you!
Just like last year, the hottest wine related ideas or companies vie for the attention of our three judges.  Any person with an idea or an established company in the wine industry can enter regardless of what stage the company is in.  Just upload your elevator video pitch on Vator.tv, then click on "participate in this competition."
What you win: The 2008 winner gets a 1 hour pitch session with each of our judges.  2007 Winner: Crushpad recently closed on $9 million in funding.
“The 2007 Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition gave Crushpad a big boost of awareness within the venture capital community and really helped us with our latest round of funding."
-Michael Brill, CEO, Crushpad

  • Steve Venuto, Partner, Orrick
  • Heidi Roizen, Founder Skinny Songs, Former Partner Mobius Venture Capital
  • J. Smoke Wallin, Chairman, Wine 2.0
  • Alan Citron, Executive, Buzznet

  • Gary Vaynerchuk, star of Wine Library TV
  • Richard Rosenblatt, CEO, Demand Media
  • Bowen Osbourn, M & A, Demand Media
Time frame: 
The competition starts October 3rd, 2008 and runs through April 2nd, 2009.
Do I qualify?
Any company in the Wine Technology sector can participate in the contest.  We encourage all entrepreneurs,  innovators and  inventors from around the world to join!

What should I submit?
Submissions are in the form of a video pitch or PDF or PPT. But we really encourage video so Vator can highlight and feature some of the pitches throughout the duration of the contest.
How do I submit?
Already on Vator?
Just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.

Not yet on Vator?

It's quick, easy and free. Register a user profile, then click "upload" and create a profile for your company.  The more comprehensive that your company profile is, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed.  Once you create your company profile, then just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.  

How to win?
Vator.tv competitions use the "wisdom of the crowds" approach to find the best companies. We let the Vator community determine the top companies, based on number of votes, ratings and the number of followers. Video pitches with the highest totals will be selected by the Vator community and presented to our judging panel for a final vote and the winner of the 2008 Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition.