Vator Splash NY (December 2010)

Vator Splash NY (December 2010)

Make your pitch to investors and entrepreneurs in Silicon Alley
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 Vator is bringing its popular evening event to the Big Apple! 

For the first time, Vator is holding Vator Splash NY, which will be held at Webster Hall in Manhattan on the evening of December 15. 

Many early-stage startups are sprouting up in NY!  And, venture capitalists are starting to take a serious look.

Vator, a leading platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to connect and learn from each other, and a provider of news and information through VatorNews, is looking to recognize and 10 promising startups across technology, including digital media, social media, consumer Internet, software, SaaS, iPhone apps, mobile, etc.

See our last competitions in February, May and September of this year.

Time frame: Oct. 21, 2010 to Dec. 3 at 11:59 PST.

                       This competition is now over. 

Who should apply? Entrepreneurs with seed- to early-stage startups across technology. This means you can launch at the event. Or you can be a company that's received no more than an A round and is no more than three years old. Those who've already made the stage "twice" at prior Splash events will not be allowed to present again.

What should you submit? Submissions are in the form of a Vator company profile. We encourage video as it gives us a better sense of who’s behind the company. But you don’t need one. 

How do you submit?

Already on Vator?
Just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.

Not yet on Vator?
It's quick, easy and free. First register. Then create a profile for your company. The more comprehensive your company profile is, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed.  Once you create your company profile, then just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page. 

How to win?

Get out the vote on Vator! More votes on Vator will drive up your chances of winning. The popular vote on Vator will have a significant weighting and as such will be a significant part of the judging process. 

The popular vote will whittle the competition field down to the top vote-getters who will be considered semi-finalists.

The semi-finalists (either the top 15 or top 20) will enter Round 2. The judges will rate their 15 favorite semi-finalists and their input will account for 60% of the vote. The judges will take points away if a company does not provide enough information for them to rate. The popular vote will account for 40% of the vote, with each contestant's vote weighted against the leading vote-getter.

To win a free ticket!

-- Participants with more than 250 popular votes get one free ticket to the event.

-- Anyone who votes will be entered into a lottery to win a free ticket. Vator will give five tickets away to voters. tes.


Round 1
Round 2