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Vator Splash Health 2015

Win sit-down meetings with top VCs, such as Bessemer Ventures, InterWest, Maveron, Felicis & more

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We believe drivers of change come from new ideas and new startups! Calling all healthcare startups changing the healthcare industry to reach these goals:


- Personalized medicine

- Preventive care vs treatment

We're looking for startups building wearables that monitor our health, business intelligence and analytics solutions, electronic management systems, platforms to help doctors and patients communicate more effectively, or reduce hospital re-admissions, 3D printing solutions and generally technology that can make sense of the significant amount of information produced by medical records, clinical trials, claims data, physician notes, research, genetic sequencing, and so much more.  

Apply for the opportunity to get in front of top-notch VCs, angel and corporate investors and high-tech influencers. The top 10 startups from this online competition will present on stage at the very first Splash Health event on February 12. *Startups must be under three years old, and can't have raised more than $3 million in funding.

An overall winner will be crowned and chosen by a selection committee, out of the top 6 to 8 presenting live.


PRIZES: Video of your presentation a bottle of Bread and Butter wine; and a $24k annual subscription to Rackspace services.

The overall winner receives a two-hour consultation with KPMG; free bookkeeping services courtesy Scrubbed; two-man months of one IOS's developer's time (equivalent to $10k); AND one-hour sit-down meetings with Canvas Venture Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, Felicis Ventures, InterWest, Lux Capital, Maveron, Norwest Venture Partners, ONSET Ventures, Box, Prolog Ventures, and Obvious Ventures plus a Vator backpack and t-shirt!

We are stoked to have Rackspace be our preferred provider for our startup finalists. Here's why their managed cloud service is valuable: 

Why a Managed Cloud service is better than unmanaged.


See the event: Vator Splash Health 2015 


Why focus on health? Healthcare is changing as we know it, largely due to the massive amounts of data becoming available to analyze, and new 3D printing technologies that may soon print out medicines. How we care for our health will look dramatically different in a few decades. 


Vinod Khosla claims that "in the future, the majority of physicians’ diagnostic, prescription and monitoring, which over time may approach 80-percent of total doctor time spent on medicine, will be replaced by smart hardware, software, and testing. This is not to say 80-percent of physicians will be replaced, but rather 80-percent of what they currently do might be replaced, leading to new possibilities and functions for the physicians." 



The Vator community and its Splash event provided the perfect launch pad to generate exposure for our health marketplace which connects consumers directly with providers who treat patients through traditional or alternative medicine. Winning the Vator Splash 2013 competition in San Francisco gave us the exposure, quality venture capital meetings and network effect every startup needs to initiate and complete a successful round. The very next quarter, we raised $4 million in our Series A. Thanks Vator!" Lisa Maki, CEO and founder of Pokitdok   

(image source: govtech.com)

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