Vator Splash Competition (September 2010)

Vator Splash Competition (September 2010)

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CEOs and/or founders of 10 companies, chosen by their peers and vetted by judges, will have the opportunity to present onstage and give a three-minute pitch in front of some 350 business professionals, comprising of executives from startups and large companies, angel investors, VCs, and media. 

Vator is holding its third Vator Splash event to find up-and-coming, early-stage startups to present at the Vator Splash event on the evening of Sept. 30, 2010 at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco.

(Join Peter Thiel of Founders Fund and Clarium Capital, Twitter COO Dick Costolo, Eventbrite CEO/founder Kevin Hartz, First Round VC Rob Hayes, Khosla Ventures VC Gideon Yu, FirstMark VC Rick Heitzmann, and the band  Cover Flow with Blippy Co-Founder Philip Kaplan, Mayfield VC Raj Kapoor, Norwest VC Tim Chang, Ethan Beard, Director of Business Development at Facebook, and Prashant Fuloria manager of monetization products at Facebook, and more).

(For more details about Vator Splash and to buy your Early-bird tickets now, click here)

Vator, a leading platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to broadcast themselves, and a provider of news and information through VatorNews, is looking to recognize and film promising startups across technology, including digital media, social media, consumer Internet, software, SaaS, iPhone apps, mobile, etc.

What you win:

The top 10 companies have the opportunity to give a four-minute presentation onstage. They'll get a professional video of their presentation produced by Vator, one free ticket to the event, a $100 credit to be used on Elance, and a 30-minute meeting with North Bridge Venture Partners.

The audience at the Vator Splash event will then cast their vote for their favorite out of the 10.

The Splash winner will get:

-- a professional video of his/her presentation

-- a chance to present again onstage in a segment called Splash Box - an American-Idol-styled segment with four investors as panelists.

-- a $500 credit courtesy Elance

-- a one-hour sit-down meeting with Javelin Venture Partners

-- a $500 HP Notebook Projector for your laptop, courtesy HP Startup Ecosystem Programs


Time frame: June 16, 2010 to Sept. 16th at 11:59 PST.

Who should apply? Entrepreneurs with seed to early-stage startups across technology. This means you can launch at the event. Or you can be a company that's received no more than an A round and is no more than three years old. Those who've already made the stage at a prior Splash event will not be allowed to present again.

What should you submit? Submissions are in the form of a Vator company profile. We encourage video as it gives us a better sense of who’s behind the company. But you don’t need one. If you win, we’ll take one of you on stage.

How do you submit?

Already on Vator?
Just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page.

Not yet on Vator?
It's quick, easy and free. First register. Then create a profile for your company. The more comprehensive your company profile is, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed.  Once you create your company profile, then just click the "participate in this competition" button on the top right of this competition page. 

How to win?

Get out the vote on Vator! More votes on Vator will drive up your chances of winning. The popular vote on Vator will have a significant weighting and as such will be a significant part of the judging process. 

The popular vote will whittle the competition field down to the top vote-getters who will be considered semi-finalists.

The semi-finalists (either the top 15 or top 25) will enter Round 2. The judges will the semi-finalists and their input will account for 60% of the vote. The judges will take points away if a company does not provide enough information for them to rate. The popular vote will account for 40% of the vote, with each contestant's vote weighted against the leading vote-getter.

To win a free ticket!

-- Participants with more than 250 popular votes get one free tickets to the event and after-party.

-- Anyone who votes will be entered into a lottery to win a free ticket. Vator will give five tickets away to voters.

-- Participants who have their company updates turned on automatically get 50 votes.

Round 1
Round 2