Tech Coast Angels Applications

Tech Coast Angels Applications

Finding the best startups in the LA region
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Tech Coast Angels is the investor of choice for Southern California entrepreneurs

If your company is based in Southern California, matches TCS's early-stage and industry focus, and is seeking capital to raise from between $50,000 and $1,000,000, then we should talk.

We have the ability to syndicate deals that require more capital. Are you ready to get started? It's simple. Apply by clicking on the big green button to the right.

 TCA's Investment Criteria:

Located in Southern California

Resourceful management team with impeccable integrity

Solution to a compelling business problem

Large identified market opportunity

Defensible business model/ proprietary technology

Sustainable competitive advantage

Some level of market validation

Ability to attract future funding

Credible exit potential


IMPORTANT: Please read Round Details for submission requirements.  

If your company is located outside of Southern California, we suggest that you connect with an angel group in your area. We do not syndicate deals with many angel groups in the US.