Special App of the Day

Special App of the Day

Windows Phone 7 Series seeking promising apps of the future
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If you're like us, you're loving the app ecosystem that's exploded. But then again, how do you stand out from the crowd! Are you a mobile app developer that's ready to roll out the red carpet? If you are, we want to feature you!

Vator has partnered with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 for an unique series called "Special App of the Day," highlighting and featuring promising apps that could one day be the next Angry Birds.

Unlike other competitions on Vator, where the prize is typically to get onstage, this one is designed to find awesome apps to feature in our newsroom!  At the end of every month, VatorNews editors will look at the apps submitted and determine which apps we want to feature.

Your app will be profiled in an in-depth story, which includes a video interview.

Additionally, those we do feature will win two tickets and one demo table to any Vator Splash event this year.

Requirement: Only apps developed on Windows Phone 7 can be submitted.


Click here to register to be a Windows Phone 7 Developer.

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