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Demand Media/Vator.tv Challenge: Competition seeking the top new-media company!

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Calling all private new-media companies!


Demand Media, which has raised $320 million, is on a quest to find the top next-generation new media companies and has partnered with Vator.tv to find great companies to complement its ever-growing library of cool sites. Demand has already snapped up dozens of startups, such as ExpertVillage, HillClimb Media, Answerbag, eHow.com, Airliners.net and more.  



It's simple, quick and free to PARTICIPATE:

Just register and hit "upload a pitch" and create a profile for your submission. Then return to this page and hit "participate." The more comprehensive the pitch, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed.

Demand Media

The Demand team continues to be on the lookout for gems across the Web. So, if you have a niche site that has a fast-growing user base, a community of dedicated users, and frankly, a cool idea with legs, then join this competition. (Click on the video of Caith Chapman, Demand's VP of M&A, to see what Demand Media is looking for and how to pitch them.) 


What is the prize for first place? Basically, tools to give your business momentum!

  • The winner of the Demand Media "Top New Media Company" competition will get the opportunity to meet with the Demand Media M&A team in Santa Monica. They include Richard Rosenblatt, co-founder, CEO, and all around great guy, Shawn Colo, co-founder and head of M&A, and Caith.
  • Six months free content delivery on VeriSign Intelligent CDN. This includes both streaming and VOD services. 
  • An x4100 server from Sun Microsystems
  • Social-media analysis, using Visible Technologies' TruCast application, valued at $25,000
  • Opportunity to be featured on Vator Reports, the show on innovation
  • Profiles on VentureBeat, Beet.TV, Mashable


What does the winner and the 2nd and 3rd runner-ups receive?

  • Five one-minute videos produced by FAQProductions
  • Waived installation charges on either Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet ports for Level3's high-speed Internet service.

What do the first 50 participants receive?

The first 50 participants will receive an annual subscription to QlipBoard, the simplest way to create compelling video messages using just your voice and images.

Who should participate?
Anyone can participate. We encourage students - high school, college, graduate - to entrepreneurs and inventors from around the world to anyone with an new-media company, really.

What to submit?

Submissions are in the form of a video pitch or PDF or PPT. But we really encourage video so Vator can highlight and feature some of the pitches throughout the duration of the contest. Also, the video pitch will likely receive more votes, ratings and views.
How to submit?
Register and hit "upload a pitch" and create a profile for your submission. The more comprehensive, the more likely to get votes, ratings and be reviewed. 

How to win?

Vator competitions use the "wisdom of the crowds" approach to find true gems. At Vator, we let the Vator community winnow down the selection process for the final team of judges, consisting of Demand's Richard Rosenblatt, Shawn Colo, Caith Chapman, Vator co-founder and CEO Bambi Francisco, VentureBeat's Matt Marshall, Beet.TV's Andy Plesser, Mashable's Pete Cashmore, Blake Cahill from Visible Technologies, and Mark Taylor, SVP at Level3. 

At the end of of January, the top 25 companies will be selected based on the number of votes, the number of views, the highest ratings and most positive comments. Additionally, the company profiles must have at least 10 team members (employees, partners, customers) as part of their pitch network to show bench strength. Those companies will be featured on Vator.tv. But other companies can still participate and join until the end of the competition. At the end of February, the top 5 will be chosen based on the same criteria.

The judges will then select the winner out of the five. 


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