Awesome Inc Accelerator 2013

Awesome Inc Accelerator 2013

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Awesome Inc is an accelerator program in Lexington, KY focused on web and mobile startups. We look for talented teams with great ideas, but most importantly the ability to execute. Awesome Inc places an emphasis on three things:

1. Lean Startup Methodology - We believe all startups have one goal: find product-market fit. We use Steve Blank's customer development principles to help startups iterate quickly to find a repeatable and scalable business model.

2. Company Culture - Startups need to find and define their beliefs in order attract and build a winning team. The early stages of running a startup are the most critical for defining its culture and its core values. We have a culture at Awesome Inc that attracts all-stars and we help our founders build a culture that will do the same for their startup.

3. Think Big - Go big or don't be my friend (Awesome Inc rule #22). We want to work with entrepreneurs that have big audacious goals. If there isn't an element of impossible to the end goal, you probably aren't thinking big enough. We work with our startups to develop a clear and focused plan for hitting these goals.

Awesome Inc was founded in 2009. Our accelerator model launched in 2011 with a small class of three startups. In 2012 we took another three startups through the program. We are scaling up the program in 2013 to include six startups.