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AlwaysOn Global 250 Stanford Summit

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Calling all innovators!

Note: This competition has changed from the top "100" to the Global 250 to reflect AlwaysOn's move to cast a wider net. The 250 companies will be honored at this year's Stanford Summit in July. Additionally, 50 companies will get to present at the conference. And, like all the Vator and AO competitions, the company that wins this particular competition will get to present (for free) at AO's Stanford Summit.  

AlwaysOn is the online media company founded by Tony Perkins. 

How do you win? The winners are chosen based on five criteria: Innovation, market potential, customer adoption, media buzz, and value creation.



For a better idea of what to include in your pitch, watch Ezra Roizen share his views on what the editorial team looks for in a winning company. Ezra is on the selection committee for AlwaysOn. 

AlwaysOn runs more than half a dozen conferences a year, focusing on innovation across media and entertainment (OnHollywood), clean technology (GoingGreen), high-tech (Stanford Summit), and advertising (OnMedia).

In connection to each event, AlwaysOn awards 100 private companies the prestigious title of "AO100 Private Company Award Winner." Some of the past AO100 winners have gone on to achieve great success. Skype, which was purchased by eBay, was an AO100 winner in 2005. YouTube, which was sold to Google in 2006, was an AO100 winner in 2006. 

For the Stanford Summit, however, AO will recognizez 250 companies, not 100.

To participate in this competition: If you have a pitch on Vator.tv, just click the tab below, or the big yellow tab on the righ-hand side, that says "participate in this competition." If you don't have a pitch on Vator.tv, just sign up and click "upload a pitch." It's really simple.


Best of luck to those participating!