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Hey all yarrupers!! the site is taking by storm major emerging countries like India , china, and we are growing in the western world too. The website is in a redesign process, and when done, it will be more effective. on August 11
Join a growing common interest sharing platform, learn from people or collegues of common passion, common business and common study. Many people are joining every day , so jump on the boat, and sign up now. on April 02
Our team is redesigning . We will give you all the updates soon. Yarrup Team on March 12
hey !!! We are, redesigning the site and here is a small preview of a front page Check it and Give us your view point for improvement or feedback... We invite you to join yarrup, the growing community of common interest. Take care Yarrup team on January 29
Happy New year to all Yarrupers!!. Yarrup family is growing and soon, we will bring you some data . But for now our developpers are working on the new design of criticism and contribution are welcomed to improve our service. Yarrup team on January 11
25100 is having a complete site redesign and will be done soon with all the features required and asked by our users. We will keep you in touch! Yarrup team on November 27
25100 website will be redesigned soon but the functionality of the site will stay intact. We are keeping our eyes on it in order to continue to deliver a great social experience. Yarrup team on November 08
We want to thank the 50 people that voted for yarrup.. We will increase the exposure next time to get more votes, and win the competition. yarrup team on October 16
justinbieber justinbieber
justinbieber justinbieber at 04:33am October 18
It is a social media and social commerce network with an emphasize on members that sare the same (passion, profession, business, study) watch burn notice
Cesar Bogouri
Cesar Bogouri at 01:26pm October 18
Thank you for your comment! We encourage you to sign up on and participate to our discusion board, social recommendation platform etc, and connect with people you share common interests. Yarrup team
Soon ,Yarrup will create a competition platform on the portal, to reward our engaged members. We will give out $500 to $1000 as reward to our members. We wil come up with more details. We will keep you informed. Yarrup on October 08
Hei everybody!!! It is time to take action.!! join now, and connect with people you share common (interest, passion, profession, business).. meet people of deep knowledege.... on August 05
25100 is participating to the september Vator splash competition in Sillicon valley ! Vote for now at . Thanks Yarrup team on July 17
We want to thank everyone who vote for yarrup during the vator splash competition. We were in the top 20s companies.The next Vator splash competition is in September .. get ready to vote again for Yarrup.... Yarrup on May 31
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Hi everybody! We are meeting soon some potential investors and we encourage all our followers and anybody to register at and connect with people that share your same interests. Take care!!. Yarrup team on May 04
25100 is participating to the Vator Splash competition in May. 21 days left. Please go vote to : on April 15
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25100 is participating to the Vator Splash competition in May. We need to be there to present the company vision. We need your vote now . please go to : Yarrup team Cesar, Johnny, Chris on April 04
We need your vote to get in the top spot of the Vator splash competition. It is just one click! Vote for yarrup. Yarrup team on March 03
Marit Hjorth
Marit Hjorth at 01:20pm March 06
i like it.. i am giving my vote and encourage many followers to vote now!
aime claude kakou
aime claude kakou at 11:45pm March 11
Let vote yarrup now to put it on the top of the list!
Hey Everybody! We are participating to the Vator Slash competition. We need to be there in may to present the company vision. We need as much vote as possible. We need your vote to put us on the top. Please vote now. Yarrup team Cesar, Johnny, Chris on March 02
25100 is looking for equity funding, between $500k to $6M ( angel and VC),with great business model and potential return for investors. Yarrup team Cesar,Johnny and Chris on February 20
hi everybody!! We urge you to sign up to the site and check out our new features! Yarrup team on February 15
Any one out there, is welcomed to give us a feedback about , and how it can be improved. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Yarrup team on February 10
Yarrup will create the platform for people to better their profesion, jobs, and business and share information with their peers. Ex: We got already a member who made a business deal online with another member . Amazing! Continue to join Yarrup team on February 09
We are developping new features , some investors interested and we are looking for valuable investors now!. we get good feedbacks about yarrup.. so far so good... the hard work begin. By the way, invite other to join and do so yourself! on February 03