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Thanks every one for your wonderful feedback and support at the Vator Splash event yesterday. We just released Twezr 1.5 with some exciting new features ( Check it out: on February 04
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Recent review of Twezr - Just published yesterday. Perhaps the most detailed review to date!: Better Way To Stay In Sync With Your Friends And Contacts [iPhone] on January 26
Thanks for voting us to No.1 position in the first round. We have an exciting release coming out later this week. So stay tuned. You may also follow us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( for updates. on January 24
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sriram hota
sriram hota at 12:21am January 25
great to see you doing many interesting things..all the luck..!
Thanks to every one who has voted for Twezr. If you haven't yet voted - Please vote now. Less than 24 hrs left for the conclusion of first round: If you've already voted - please feel free to rate Twezr or add your comments/ testimonials. on January 23
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We just submitted Twezr for Vator Splash. Please help us by voting for TWEZR for VATOR SPLASH!: on January 20
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ashok komatineni
ashok komatineni at 05:38am January 23
Shreedhar r
Shreedhar r at 05:41am January 23
Superb App ,, good
Robert Scoble Interview with Twezr Founder: on January 18
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