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pro-Bids is pleased to announce the launch of The Counterfeit Report website. Don't get deceived by a fake - check before you buy! on November 20
Thanks to Kiren Devereux, Marilyn J and Paul Pieffer for their support! on August 02
Please accept my thanks for your interest and support for pro-Bids in the VatorSplash competition. Your recognition is important to us, and to the pro-Bids users who rely on pro-Bids for jobs. If you have not voted yet for pro-Bids, now is the time. on September 13
Jeanne Melancon
Jeanne Melancon at 04:40pm September 13
Thank you for a great website. I have listed several requests for services, and have received numerous bids. It is great to have a way to be able to use the service providers in my area. Thank you.
paul pieffer
paul pieffer at 04:50pm July 28
Thanks for your interest in following I feel that your input is also valuable. Please feel free to contact me personally with your comments or suggestions, and of course, we would appreciate your vote on Craig Crosby, founder on July 26
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44810 joins vatorsplash competition. targets VC funding in the September vatorsplash event. on July 01
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