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"Not as annoying as Shiply, not as American as Uship" is the tongue-in-cheek tagline for the UK launch of the all-new DS could be mistaken for a me-too, but with key differences in the model, and neat innovations planned once traffic has built. on October 16
Satisfying flow of transactions from eBayers now. Still working on the user experience. Looking for some balance, though, so we're SEO-targetting business end-users' courier work. Courier sign-ups on mtvan continue. USA partner sought. on March 05
We're improving the user experience on, in response to user feedback, with help from the eBay API. Looking good. on September 14
We introduced "networking only" user accounts on over the weekend, allowing free access to the business networking on mtvan. Satisfying uplift of new user accounts has resulted, with some new users upgrading to pay for the freight exchange. on September 01
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Mark Fleming
Mark Fleming at 08:43am September 01
Transactions from eBay are building nicely. This system solves the distance/size problem for eBay user. Items too big for the family car, and too fragile for the parcel carriers, can fill vans returning empty. on August 26
Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman at 03:29pm August 26
Love this idea. Great example of inefficient system that can be optimized w/ connection tools. Can you turn anyone into a courier... and have eBay-style credibility ratings?
Tim Gilbert
Tim Gilbert at 02:45am August 27
Hi Matt. Glad you like the idea. The market is not short of capacity, it's short of efficiency, so there doesn't have to be too much emphasis on bringing new people in. And trust/credibility/performance is key, you're right.
Surveying our early adopters on for improvement ideas. on August 19
15855 is now live, and receiving click-throughs and courier bookings from a Classified Ad on eBay. It's looking like a winner already. on August 18