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So today is the day we present to the pros. 9:20 AM. Wish us luck. on May 20
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We're looking for mortgage horror stories...what is it that's gone wrong during your loan process? What annoying processes (or person) has caused you to pull out your hair? We're about visibility and accessibility. What do you want to see? Add in comments. on May 11
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brian schultz
brian schultz at 05:05pm May 11
I think the industry is in need of an overhaul. There are still fundamental problems that haven't been addressed with lending, specifically dealing with transparency of the process. I refinanced a few months ago and the loan officer told me different stories till the final day.
Susan Roxstrom
Susan Roxstrom at 06:31pm May 12
I think being able to talk with a representative that speaks the language clearly and articulately might be a great help. Hard to know what's going on when you contact customer service, and can't understand a think the rep is saying!
We're working on important things right now, like trying to get our artist friends involved with art processes based on promises of future glory. What are your thoughts on the new Logo? on May 11
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