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Had a great time at Vator Splash! MindGames was honored to be one of the 10 presenters - thanks to Bambi and Vator for putting it together on October 03
Bambi Francisco Roizen
Bambi Francisco Roizen at 08:25pm October 03
I look forward to following your progress Eric! You were the best-dressed guy at Splash, btw.
Updated 2011 Power Cards release coming soon! Includes Cam Newton, AJ Green, Mark Ingram, Andy Dalton, Plaxico Burress and more! on September 19
A big THANK YOU to everybody who voted for MindGames in the Vator Splash first round! We finished in 11th, and advanced to the second round! on September 16
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MindGames is in 9th with hours left in the Vator Splash voting! If you haven't voted for us yet please go to today! on September 14
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Carolina Natan
Carolina Natan at 06:48am September 16
go go go and win...
With 12 days left in the Vator Splash SF voting MindGames is in 5th with 110 votes! If you haven't voted for us yet please do at! on September 02
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jim schoenburg
jim schoenburg at 03:20pm September 03
E, you still need to send means for me and others to rally our people for you
Maury Wolff
Maury Wolff at 04:05pm September 03
Go MindGames!!
Jonathan Gordon
Jonathan Gordon at 09:26pm September 13
Place your vote and your mindgames will follow! Good luck!
Please vote for MindGames in the Splash Competition SF (Sept 2011)! on July 26
MS Football ( June prizes include a pic signed by Favre, Rice & Emmitt. Other items from Faulk, Vick & Romo. on June 13
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MJD joins Team MindGames! Star RB Maurice Jones-Drew joins fellow pros Dustin Keller, Jay Feely and Brian Rolle in promoting MindSports Football on June 03
MindSports Baseball chosen out of a field of 6,000 entries as an Award of Distinction winner in the 2011 Interactive Communicator Awards! on May 26
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MindSports Football prizes for May include autographs from Namath, Peterson, Fitzgerald, Largent, Fridge and more! on May 16
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Our MindSports Football trivia game in partnership with the NFL Players Association is now live on Facebook! on May 10
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