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Short video of Gene Massey pitching MediaShares at the Foundershowcase: on September 25
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San Jose, Ca. August 3, 2010 MediaShares, received terrific scores from the VC panel and audience in Silicon Valley's Foundershowcase Competition! Gene Massey's pitch for MediaShares showed the VC panel and 300 guests that Crowdfunding works. Press coverage: on August 08
Greetings. MediaShares/ has entered another competition and would greatly appreciate your vote. Like Vator, if we get enough votes, we get to present to investors in S.F. on May 18th. Please login to The Funded and vote for us: on May 10
25415 has obtained motion picture rights to the book, "David Livingstone-The Truth Behind The Legend," by Rob Mackenzie. This film on Dr. David Livingstone, the famous African Missionary will be produced by Dan Sherkow, the former Vice-President of Paramount pictures. on March 19
James Volpe
James Volpe at 04:47pm March 20
Excellent news! CinemaShares has a cutting edge concept that has the possibility to supercharge the movie industry and break the funding gridlock for innovative, quality films
25415 reached 100 votes in the Vator Splash Competition but we need more. If you have NOT voted, please do so now at: If you VOTED, use care to not vote AGAIN as it will SUBTRACT your vote on January 22
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Astra Pacold
Astra Pacold at 11:08am January 29
Great company new movies and more funding keep those films rolling
We're really trying to get more votes in the Vator Splash Competition in San Francisco, so we'd appreciate your passing on this to your friends to get them to vote for us. Here's the link to vote: on January 19
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