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iChange was acquired by Herbalife. This is a great outcome for the company, our investors, as well as the iChange team, all of whom have joined Herbalife. Our model of creating a health-related social media experience around health coaches turned out to be a perfect fit for HLF on April 25
Brent Poole
Brent Poole at 05:15pm April 25
Hi Stu! Congratulations! That is amazing news! I assume you've got an earn out of some sort. If not, I have a cool little startup that I'd love to get you involved with :-).
Stu MacFarlane
Stu MacFarlane at 05:19pm April 25
Brent, thanks for the note. Yep, tied up for a little while. I hope all is well with you.
Thanks to everyone that supported us at the Vator Splash event. We placed 3rd in the voting among a group of other terrific companies. Hats off to Bambi and the Vator team for pulling of a great event. on May 14
Kathryn Cameron
Kathryn Cameron at 02:03pm May 14
Congrats on 3rd place! (1st was even more deserved, but 3rd is still good)
Nancy Karas
Nancy Karas at 02:17pm May 14
Congratulations Stu!! To place 3rd out of 200 companies that originally entered the competition is amazing!!!! Of course, Katie is right, iChange.com deserved to be first, but you are rapidly climbing to the top!!!! All the best to you and the iChange team!
Thanks everyone for all the votes for the vator competition. It looks like we finished in the top 15 so now get a shot at the top 10. on May 07
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Hi iChange followers: If you get a moment, please vote for us in the Vator Splash Competition. The top 15 vote-getters are then considered by a panel to present at the Vator Splash event. You can vote at: http://vator.tv/competition/vator-splash Thanks for your support! on May 04
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I blogged today on the evolution of weight loss programs (and more generally health management programs) from the tapeworm diet to today's virtual support systems. http://www.ichange.com/blog/2010/04/30/history-of-weight-loss/ on April 30
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Our site visits have doubled over the last couple of weeks driven primarily by higher engagement from our registered users. The new social gaming elements are encouraging more activity on the site as people get rewarded for accomplishing tasks and helping other members. on April 21
iChange just entered the Vator Splash competition, referred to as the American Idol for startups. Please vote for us if you think we are the Kelly Clarkson,or even the Clay Aiken of startups. Go to: http://vator.tv/competition/vator-splash and scroll down. Thanks! on April 14
We are looking for a great web developer/software engineer to be based out of our office in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Please forward to anyone you know who may be interested. Resumes can be sent to careers@ichange.com. on March 29
Bambi Francisco Roizen
Bambi Francisco Roizen at 08:59pm March 29
Microsoft is launching a competition for top Web developers/designers on Vator. So, I'm sure you'll get a bunch applying for your opening.
Stu MacFarlane
Stu MacFarlane at 04:03pm March 30
thanks for the info, Bambi
When to move into another category? We frequently get the question when we plan to extend into another vertical like diabetes management. My answer so far has been, 'when we feel ready'. Not very strategic, but I want to feel like we've nailed nutrition before moving on. on March 23
iChange members reported losing their first 1,000 pounds last week. on February 24
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Collecting great data on viral customer acquisition on iChange. Initially concerned that the social stigma of 'weight loss' would be too great for people to invite friends, but that does not seem to be the case. on February 16
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iChange closed its seed funding round and hired CEO Stu MacFarlane on February 02
Jack Bicer
Jack Bicer at 05:35pm February 02
Congratulations Stu. I love the idea. I hope you'll be successful beyond your wildest dreams.
Adrijus Guscia
Adrijus Guscia at 03:04am February 13
Congrats! You guys have awesome idea and should go far with it! Looking forward to more updates. :)