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We have finalized terms with Psychological Data Corporation to distribute the Abstract Reasoning Test in the commercial sector. The test has been used by the Department of Defense and is the only Internet-based computer adaptive test of fluid intelligence in the market. on February 11
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For everyone who has voted, I want to thank you! We are in the last day of the first round. We have a strong product, strong team, and an opportunity to do something great! We would not be here without you! Thanks again for your support! Dr. B on January 23
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Favian Kennedy
Favian Kennedy at 08:35am January 24
good luck!
Helena Keeley
Helena Keeley at 02:02pm January 24
Yes, good luck!
In the final stage of closing important partnerships for providing the best assessment tools on the web! on January 14
shane monaghan
shane monaghan at 09:04am January 16
great job damon i voted for you :)
matthew denegal
matthew denegal at 10:29am January 18
Hello cousin, you got my vote. It's now official.
We are 1 month away from launching Smart Test Technology (R) version 3.0 for educational and employment testing! on January 01
Torrence Bryant
Torrence Bryant at 04:06am January 12
There's not many companies that can do what Adaptive Assestment Services .