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YEA! PowerBeam has been selected as finalist in the CES i-stage competition. Live event is on Monday, October 18 in SF. Come check us out! on September 01
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Meliza Solan Surdi
Meliza Solan Surdi at 06:42pm September 01
woohoo! You're gonna kill it on stage!!!
Aakash Sahai
Aakash Sahai at 07:44pm September 18
CES is the RIGHT forum for this technology...go for it Chris!
Olusola Isiade
Olusola Isiade at 05:12pm November 01
wireless electricity?? Chris how do we get to represent your organisation in Africa, as wireless electricity is really gonna rock here
Wireless Charging of Mobile Devices Has a Market Potential of $4.3 Billion by 2014, In-Stat Says on August 18
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Apple’s Innovative New… Battery Charger? Looks like Apple see's the need to remove dry cell batteries as well! Who else wants to be green??? on July 27
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Looks like PowerBeam is not the only company killing the battery. Check out this NYT's article: on July 19
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Alright! Another Demo Kit sold! July is a busy month for us. Must have been all those market reports that is getting us good market traction on July 14
Lucille Surdi
Lucille Surdi at 04:36pm July 14
Chris, Congrats! Great news! Lucille Surdi
Bambi Francisco Roizen
Bambi Francisco Roizen at 09:16pm July 14
another research company publishes a report on wireless power. Is wireless power a trend yet??? on June 28
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iSuppli (market research firm) is tracking the wireless power market. Projecting 234.9 million unit by 2014. link: on June 24
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WOW! Even Venture Beat is giving us a shot out! Good press day for PowerBeam. Check out the article: on June 23
Meliza Solan Surdi
Meliza Solan Surdi at 03:34pm June 23
Very, very nice!
EE Times special edition on alternative energy is out! There is a special section on PowerBeam. Check it out: on June 23
Hey Followers! PowerBeam will have a demo table at VatorSplash! If you want to see us power devices like an iPhone, a Wireless Speaker, Mice and Keyboard with absolutely no wires at all, then be sure to attend VatorSplash! on January 29
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WIRELESS POWER DEMO KITS NOW AVAILABLE! PowerBeam is now taking orders for our 1st batch of long distance wireless electricity demo kits. We have 3 to choose from and you must order before the deadline: 5pm, Jan 22nd. More info and order here: on January 05
Meliza Solan Surdi
Meliza Solan Surdi at 01:42pm January 06
Kick butt at CES!!!!
Hey Followers! We are tied for 2nd place. We only need 7 votes to take the lead. VOTE FOR US NOW PLS! Deadline is Monday at 12pm PST! TOMORROW! Vote Here: on November 29
Meliza Solan Surdi
Meliza Solan Surdi at 02:54pm November 30
Nice work PB fans! Looks like we have a great company in the lead.
Wesley Ma
Wesley Ma at 10:57pm November 30
got my vote
Vote Now! We are competing for Elance’s 1 yr of free health care (or $10K) competition and we don’t have any right now so WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Even David’s daughter is in on it and she is the cutest little thing. Check out our video and vote for us on November 25
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Rohit Dubey
Rohit Dubey at 04:29pm November 25
Great work Chris
Chris Surdi
Chris Surdi at 04:34pm November 25
Thanks Rohit. Looking at your comments, you must be an engineer :-)
Farid Imsayilzada
Farid Imsayilzada at 02:08pm November 28
Chris, u know i am here for you, right? :)
PowerBeam is HUGE in Japan. I just finished following-up with the leads David brought back from the Green Device conference. He had over 250 business cards, and they were all top executives at big Consumer Electronic companies. I can't wait to see what comes of this! on November 05
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Laurene Harrison
Laurene Harrison at 09:41am November 08
Way to go Chris!! Keep it up! Laurene
We just received an LOI from a large retailer for production items to be deliver for Xmas 2010! Wow, these things just keep coming in. Investors are going to love this! First custom prototype last month, LOI for volume production today. I wonder what will come up tomorrow… on October 29
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David, PB CEO, landed safe in Japan and has already had a successful meeting. One down, several more to go and then the conference. Boy, what a week! on October 26
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We are on our way to deliver our first custom prototype to the customer! This is so cool. We are one day early and over spec. They are going to be so happy!!! on October 14
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Meliza Solan Surdi
Meliza Solan Surdi at 02:55pm October 14
Yay! Go PB!
Sheila McCrea
Sheila McCrea at 08:57pm November 30
Cordless electricty!!! Truly a wonder whose time has come! Right on POWERBEAM!!!
Sign up for our quarterly newsletter! We plan to send out tomorrow and it will contain updates on our developments and progress. Sign up here: on October 08
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Meliza Solan Surdi
Meliza Solan Surdi at 02:44pm October 08
Looking forward!
Here is the link to the Sony article. Sony demos a wireless power TV! This is huge for the wireless power industry and for PowerBeam. This is so exciting, really starting to heat up! on October 06
On my way to dicer's to pick up the demo boards. The new prototype is coming along great and we are going to deliver this to the customer on time for once ;-) haha, jk jk. on October 05
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IT'S CRUNCH TIME! GO! GO! GO! Hey followers! We need votes for the J.P. competition. We want to make an announcement about our progress but we can't do that without your votes! Help! Vote here: on September 29
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Hey Everyone! Thanks for voting for us in the juicepitcher competition. If you haven't voted yet, please do. Why vote for us? We landed a huge deal this week and we want to tell the world about it and what better place than juicepitcher. Techcrunch50 what??? LOL. on September 18
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Mitos Suson
Mitos Suson at 12:27am September 21
You got my vote!
Chris Surdi
Chris Surdi at 02:48pm September 21
@Mitos, Thanks!!!