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MYeGamer and pro Halo 3 team Purgatory attend the MLG Washington DC event. It was a real good turnout here at the MLG event with thousands of gamers. It was very successful for us, with everybody loving our website and idea! Check out the pics on our Facebook page, on October 23
Check out our pitch at Vator we posted on our Facebook page! Also, we posted pics of this weekend at World Cyber Games Grand Finals tournament this weekend in LA! Check them out. on October 06
Looking forward to Vator tomorrow! on September 29
Joshua Seerden
Joshua Seerden at 08:15pm September 30
We couldn't find the livestream! How did it go? We were all there in spirit cheering you on!
Thank you all for voting for us! Stay tuned, we are launching our private beta site soon and will be attending Vator this upcoming week! on September 21
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Register at to participate in our beta. on September 02
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Jordan Trabue
Jordan Trabue at 08:55pm September 15
It's going to be a great beta !!!!!! I can't wait.
Jubie Ruiz
Jubie Ruiz at 07:27am September 16
A place for gamers is a place for me!
New Beta site coming October, 2010! on September 02
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Getting read for Vator Splash and in HEAVY development to get it ready for Beta launch next month!!! on August 21
myegamer is on the road to New York to finish things up and get prepared for launch! on February 26
Moe S
Moe S at 01:11am July 24
E-Gamers need a place to game that is safe for kids of all ages, and I believe you can provide that place. Thanks for looking out for us, by the way, great presentation today at the county fair, i guess you don't need much to be a success.
Woke up this morning to find out that more people have voted for us! what a pleasant surprise. Thank you all again! on December 23
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nija quilnn
nija quilnn at 08:58pm December 23
He He, knew you could hijack first place with that open proxy!
Thanks for all the votes and support by our family, friends, and fellow gamers. on December 22
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We are holding the 2nd annual Gaming For Charity event at Wine Flights Bar & Bistro on January 23rd, with a $2,000 cash prize video gaming tournament for Halo 3. We are looking to have over 60 teams attending the event and with a DJ and models sporting our merchandise. on December 22
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Joshua Seerden
Joshua Seerden at 12:50pm December 22
This company is the bees knees
Shelly Axe
Shelly Axe at 06:19pm December 22
We are looking forward to the next Gaming for Charity event, Andrew!