Zachary Zaidman

Zachary Zaidman

New York, New York, United States
Member since December 22, 2009
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1991 UCSD , BA , Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology

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Kopali Organics Co-Founder & CEO


Zak grew up in Mexico City, and after college started GravityInc., a virtual reality, multimedia software company with clients includingIBM, Disney, and Intel. Gravity Inc was sold in 2000 to Frog Design which latersold to Flextronics. Zak’s experience with cancer in his mid 20’s led him toexamine and discover potential environmental causes of the disease, and becomecommitted to a sustainable lifestyle for his own health and that of the rest ofthe world. Following his work withGravity Inc, Zak became a community organizer and meditation teacher and ledinternational interfaith and peace delegations to India and the Middle East. Heraised funds for local and international non-profit organizations. He receivedbasic Permaculture certification in Costa Rica and helped organize and lead theSustainable Solutions Caravan driving vegetable oil powered buses from SanFrancisco through Mexico and Central America, promoting sustainable solutionsand triple-bottom-line business practices to tens of millions.


Zak co-founded Kopali Organics, and also Kopali Communitiesto develop ultra-ecological real estate planned communities.


Zak is also a passionate singer, songwriter, andtriple-bottom-line business advocate. He is currently based in NYC, Kopali’s number one regional market,managing strategy and marketing.