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victoria vanstone

London, United Kingdom
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Full bio

I was living in Thailand at the time of the Tsunami and lost my business and my house  - I experienced a new and more accepting view of death.

I was then inspired to make my site. If i had died my family would have known nothing about how to organise my funeral or my finances or anyhting I want to happen when i kick the bucket.


I was also haivng dinner with friends and told them my funeral songs but thought maybe they wont remember and decided to create a site to log information that people that dont know about me.


I have never done anything like this before and am after some support (financial or otherwise) to get my site popular all over the world. Its a free public service with massive advertising potential.


Please vote for me if you have time. And if you have a big wallet full of cash that needs spending on a poor start up then let me know. its the way to go