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Ulrich Hermann Kiefer | 宋 可富 |

Hohberg, Germany
Member since March 16, 2009
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1983 VW A Academy , BA , Graduate in Business Administration VWA
1997 Technical Academy Wuppertal - Altdorf near Nuremberg , High School , Financial Controller TAW
1990 IHK / Chamber of Commerce and Industry Southern Upper Rhine , High School , Certified Management Accountant (CCI) (Geprüfter Bilanzbuchhalter)
1980 IHK / Chamber of Commerce and Industry Southern Upper Rhine , High School , Industrial Management Assistant (Industriekaufmann)

I am a(n):

Owner and partner

If you are an entrepreneur, why?

innovation is an important keyword

My favorite startups:

a startup in NBO Africa and a new in Europe

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

the long-term ignoring of already existing chances for innovation plus a continuous shout like: why? | check | chance | update |

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make?

Corporate short-term thoughts such as avoiding these facts: When you set up a company, you need a professional business plan, careful Financial Planning, accurate Forecasts, perfect market analysis, smart Human Resourcing,

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

World wide constructive business development, efficient organization and copyrights protection to make your business run smoothly.

Full bio

| Presenting | innovation | business | people |

Born in the Golden 60s and entering the age of pop, I am daily challenged; my Chinese Name is Song Kefu 宋可富, which means:

"You can be rich". Therefore, thank you so much for the engaged interest and your quick reply how I can help you.

After first experiences in Media with international photo journalists, I worked two years of trainee-ship with the telecommunications industry for one decade in the department specializing in finance/investment controls or reorganization.

During the following decade I worked as a FC, implementing DIY concepts from France into the 1st German market as the accounting manager working closely with international sales product managers.

1995 I enriched my CV by identifying Joint Venture Joint ventures (JV) partners in South Eastern AP for German brewery/machinery industries; exploring test markets at marketing dept. introducing Eco-products as the challenge.

Holding degrees as a graduate in business administration and in Financial Control, developing controlling, fluent in 2 of 3 world languages resources as English / French with an advanced Italian Mandarin / Cantonese basics, I join/invest energies abroad like nomads on the earth.

My last positions/experiences: Management Consulting CFO Mainland China, Shanghai; reseller of a CO accounting software provider [Sync1Ware Alliance (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.]; later I was working as a translator / lecturer in HK's schools playing and also in Dalian / Liaoning as an actor in a movie production.

I learned to develop door opening elite global brand business plans due to exchange studies of EU University Freiburg in Yan-tai, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and enabling dynamic research on companies in Oceania in JV projects with BCM:

Auto-mobile SPX Bear Automotive Service branch
CO Consult: Salient Business Consulting SBC: CeBIT (Asia) 2001 speech and in 2009, presenting CVide's R&D project as the owner of DoTo² e.K., Inh. U. K.

Construction Unbescheiden, Jalousien-Gockl

Education, NE CN, Cedres Africa

Insurance Aachener Munich AM Life

IT Software IAG Internet Asia Group, Sync1ware SWA

Logistics TDG Plc Albatros

Marketing Siemens Sylvania SLi Light systems OSAN

Online Media Reiff, Hubert BURDA, C-Biz, CC TV-9

Retail Wholesale Neckermann, Leitermann, Conrad

Supermarkets Castorama France Dubois Invest SA trade

Telecomm. Bosch Mannesmann Allianz AEG Telefunken

Ulrich H. Kiefer 宋可富's Specialties:

Owner of three to five domains, using positive chances of the open globalization trends to produce best practice results, I am confident and in faith of...

1974 until present: good mature know how gains for: 25 + 5 + X = - 35+ yrs

Additional Information

Ulrich H. Kiefer | 宋 可富's interests:

- Genealogical tree until 23.10.1759 or 1658 customs officer Johann Jacob Isenecker on castle Ortenberg bei Offenburg, mixing with the Andy, Buchholz and Kiefer tribe due to newest research.

Ulrich H. Kiefer | 宋 可 富's Honours:

1 Inventor: Diffused light safety screen G8613151.6 EPO Petty Patent Office/utilities engineer

2 March 8th, 1997 25 years Golden honour needle of the German Harmonica Association Deutscher Handharmonika Verband eV, Trossingen harp public Int'l entertainment engagement (playing accordion)

3 'father' with energetic open-minded ideas and suggestions in the CUHK New Territories (NT) School teaching Program

4 Photographer: Third price photography contest GTE Sylvania Light Public Relations: Licht-Band p.15, 12/1980.