John Duff

John Duff

Thomsondata provide highly responsive mailing lists that can be custom built to your specifications, enabling you to reach the right prospects at the right time.

Plano, Texas, United States
Member since August 05, 2010
I am running a company name Thomson Data which is a marketing solution provider that specializes in direct marketing. Quote_down
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Thomson Data

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Thomson Data works with companies that range from small entrepreneurial businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, creating successful marketing formulas and better business relationships. We are committed to delivering performance enhancing data that gives you a significant competitive advantage, driving sales and keeping customers happy.

Thomson Data’s B2B Email List Includes:

 Technology Email List Country Wise B2B Email List Professionals Email List  Industry Wise Email List USA C-Level Executives Email List Healthcare Email List USA International B2B Email List B2B Sales Leads List Account Profiling Services Fortune 500 Companies List Small Business Mailing List And More!

Some of our key features include,

  • Extensive reach with a database that contains over 250 million records.
  • All data is owned and managed in house.
  • Each record is verified and updated every 90 business days.
  • Each list is verified at the time of delivery and is confirmed opt-in.
  • Over 12 different demographic selects to narrow your search and better isolate your market.
  • All lists come with contact name, mailing address, phone, email and additional information that will help you adopt a multi-channel approach.

We guarantee the accuracy of the data and will replace any record that may contain inaccurate or obsolete information

We implement cost effective data services that can help companies expand their horizons and reach out to more clients every day. The advantages of working with Thomson Data include advanced data enhancement solutions like email appending, data appending, data cleansing and NCOA. These services can help your company augment the value of their existing customer databases, while giving you a better understanding of your client base.

Thomson Data can serve your entire marketing data requirement. Should you have a need for rapid, high-performance sales, give us a call and we'll send you a free sample list in the format of your choice!