Thomas Quilty

Thomas Quilty

San Jose, California, United States
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Full bio

Thomas (Tom Quilty) has had an interesting career leading, managing and advising organizations on risk management issues, internal and external computer crime investigations, intellectual property protection and other areas.

Tom has been a trainer in the military and law enforcement.  As a trainer, Tom has presented numerous presentations and training classes to both law enforcement and industry, including the Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA), National District Attorney's Association, High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the California Department of Justice. He possesses a strong record in developing techniques and methodologies for risk mitigation of both internal and external threats including Intellectual Property protection and supply chain theft issues in the US and worldwide.


Tom's distinguished tenure includes the FBI's REACT High Tech Crimes Task Force San Jose, CA; the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office and The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office.  During Tom's eight years with the REACT Task Force, he had the opportunity to focus on criminal investigations affecting the High Tech Industry.  His notable cases included a three year undercover operation which recovered more than $450 Million in stolen software; the recovery of stolen CD stampers and artwork valued at over $790 Million; and the two highest value seizures of pirated music, software and movies in US History. Tom is a retired US Army Reserve Officer.  Tom started his own consulting and investigations company in 2006 and has helped companies manage the business risks associated with their IP, new market entry planning, mergers and acquisitions and data breaches.


Tom has received numerous awards and commendations from the military, private industry, law enforcement agencies and other groups including the US Department of State Meritorious Honor Award for service in Bosnia Herzegovina as Aide and Political Advisor to United Nations Special Representative Jacques Paul Klein and as International Police Task Force (IPTF) Liaison.